Growing in the Greenhouse, May 2012 edition

The majority (basically, all) of the plants we’re currently growing start in the greenhouse—although we plan to direct seed in the near future. In the greenhouse, we seed, label and nurture the plants until they’re ready for transplant into the field (the garden itself). Seeds were mainly purchased from Johnny’s Selected Seeds— heirloom and organic varieties if available. This season we’ve planned on a pretty diverse harvest encompassing many of the families (cruciferae, solanaceae, leguminosae and allium especially). Hope you like onions!

Some plants are placed on a heating pad to promote rapid development, while the rest are simply nurtured, watered quite often and generally taken care of. As I’m learning, each plant is unique; scallions for instance have been getting weekly haircuts (promoting stronger root growth). We’re pretty lucky that the cucumbers have been the sole plant to catch disease thus far (knock on wood); they were rather healthy until they were transported to the cold frame (allowing the plants to adjust temperature-wise).

As promised, here is a sneak-peek of what’s currently growing in the greenhouse:

 If you can’t tell, we can’t wait for the basil.

So green and gorgeous.

Check back in for part 2: what we’re Farming in the Field!

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