The garden awakens! Starting the new season

So the last time we talked was in winter. Snow has since melted and left behind rows and rows of beautiful…weeds (and grass). We spent a few weeks pulling that up and molding the garden back into shape, slightly widening the beds to allow for more rows of planting (we’re trying for 3). Facilities also helped create a compost spot outside of the garden area which they are now adding to each time they mow the grass. In the greenhouse, we’ve also been playing with worm compost (worm tea, to be specific) as fertilizer for our new plants which are more agriculturally diverse than ever before!

We had our first meeting roughly a month ago, where Lo Pagan and myself (Jess Canose) introduced ourselves as the new garden managers (hello)! Farmer Lo has worked at Fernbrook Farm as an apprentice so she will continue to pass on knowledge (and possibly a post) as I manage the garden this summer. I’m hoping to expand the community even more this season and tie in a few more disciplines (art for signage, communications for help with this blog, nutrition/cooking) while weaving in, as always, the sustainability thread.

Pictures do tell it best. So look back for a two-part post series showing what’s currently growing in our greenhouse and garden. For now, let’s look at some freshly tilled dirt in our garden.

If you’re not on the mailing list and want to get involved, please send a note to!



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