A Note on Volunteering

We’ve recently updated our giveaway system and have happily instituted a few new policies. These are now tagged onto the end of every giveaway email, which although may be a little bulky, are important reminders.

So why are we doing what we’re doing?

Sign-In book: It’s important to keep track of those who come so they can be added to the listserve. We also want to create a record of how many individuals are attending, so we can plant accordingly (in terms of quantity and weekly output) and figure out portions/limitations of how many bunches/person.

Bring your own bag: In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we’d prefer not to encourage the usage of plastic bags. That said we do have some donated ones that we’re happy to recycle. But extra points to those that carry reusable ones!

Volunteering:  We’ve planted a good deal in the garden, however the small amount does not match the wonderful increase in supporters. Especially during the summer (since many students are away), the work falls heavily on fewer shoulders. Therefore, in keeping with our philosophy of a community based garden, we’ve instituted a one-hour per summer policy. We want to involve those that benefit from the harvest to partake in the garden’s care!

Only one hour is required, however I urge those who come to giveaways often to come more often to truly experience the joy of being in the garden. Get connected to the soil you walk on or drive past daily. It’s wonderful fun, stress-relief, certainly your daily dosage of Vitamin-D and quite gratifying.
Not to mention…it’s truly a beautiful sight.

(Baby Peas)



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