A baby announcement…of sorts: welcoming water to Rider’s Green Acres!

Not to quote exactly from the email I wrote to all Listserve Garden members, but

Thursday, July 12th (almost a month ago) was a VERY special day in Rider’s Green Acres history. Hence I’d like to formally welcome the addition of a very crucial member of our garden’s community, as well as thank all those who made its arrival possible.

…A hearty welcome, to our very own… SPIGOT! (If you caught all my previous spelling errors, let’s just pretend I named him ‘Spicket’).

How could I not create a baby announcement? It was too perfect not to.

Speaking of the laborious process, look at all that dirt in the picture below! That is what the front section of our garden currently looks like… a bit grass-less, but little harm done.

Members of Facilities were already there at 9 am -when we arrived to start harvesting for the giveaway- and worked tirelessly throughout the day. Instead of relying on water we retrieved from the Zoner house (meaning dragging 4/5 hoses to the next building over, resulting in LOW water pressure) we’re now hooked up to the water line that runs underneath the parking lot, near Daly’s.

It seriously works! And is happily situated right in the tomato bushes (Sungolds) which are flourishing.

The spigot is now hooked up to an oscillator, which creates the easiest hands-free watering I’ve encountered.

A nifty how-to, for all those who have been anxiously waiting to try it out:
All you need to do is turn the spigot on (pull ALL the way up), wait, reposition the oscillator so until the entire garden has been soaked and then turn the spigot off (push ALL the way down). So easy!


Once again, special thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all those involved in this project, including Dr. Hyatt, Melissa Greenberg and all the wonderful members of Facilities. You are all welcome to fresh produce anytime!



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