Please help us EAT the KALE!

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the ‘mini palm trees’ in our garden, but let’s just say, hail to the kale.

I think that’s my new motto.

We sincerely need to give some away, so please contact me at if you are interested! Planning a party? Yoga retreat? Thinking about eating breakfast, lunch or dinner soon? Kale is the answer.

We harvest it for every giveaway but seeing as the school year is just starting up, attendance has been low. Critters are starting to consider nesting in the leaves if we don’t harvest soon, so you’ll be doing us a favor!


Credit: Thank you, Ms. Eileen Gurwitz for sending this in! Never has it been more appropriate.



3 thoughts on “Please help us EAT the KALE!

    • It’s been here for months now! And hopefully for a very long time after. Till winter? Remember, Thursdays from 11:15 – 1:15, every week we have the giveaway. Or you can just come and take some! Our gate is never locked. Hope you had a delicious dinner,


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