Sustainable solutions and a hearty welcome back!

Hi there Green acres community!

The site has been a little quiet lately, but we’re still here, busy making connections and being sustainable! It’s all been a whirlwind as we’ve been working hard to finish out the summer and prepare for the semester. How fast did that go?! My gosh! Deep breath.

Peaceful, right?

The garden has been pretty healthy, albeit attacked by weeds…though we’re going to be taking care of that tomorrow with the help of TEN lovely volunteers on New Student Day of Service (more on that later). On that note, welcome back students! We’re psyched to have you return to the beauty and peace of the garden.

As I mentioned above, this Saturday we’re planning on having a huge work day from 9 am to 2 pm; if you’re free, please come on out and join! Never such a thing as ‘too many hands.’ We have a long laundry list of things to do…primarily weeding and layering newspapers to get ready for mulching. A hearty thank you to my dear friend, the executive editor of The Rider News (how nice does that redesign look!?), who gladly gave us all of last year’s editions to line the garden with. Sustainability at its best!

We’ll also be working on transplanting and direct seeding plants for fall: sneak preview to come soon!

With that in mind, Ms. Debra Greenberg wrote a quick note below on gardening in the late summer:

Feel behind? Don’t fret! If you’re late to the game, but we’ve “planted that seed” and you’re still interested in gardening, now isn’t too late to get started!

Of course, there are many resources available on the web if you Google “fall gardening” or “late summer harvest.” Below is a good resource for what can still be planted. Just type in your zip code and then click on the number above that corresponds to your zone.

Thanks Debra!



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