Hail to the Kale (Summer’s Bounty)

There is a trend that has been running absolutely rampant through all of our giveaways. What, do you ask?


Although sold commercially…for, well, a price (anything is more expensive than free, let’s be real), kale chips are something quite accessible that you can make in your own kitchen. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing countless new Green Acres members discover them the summer, as a unique (healthy) alternative to potato chips that are just plain fun to make.

TO make the chips, you need to first clean your produce and then cut up/rip the kale into manageable pieces. Toss evenly in oil, pepper and your choice of seasonings (from garlic powder or herbs to paprika and just plain salt). Choose your own adventure!
Once you’ve gotten all the seasonings together, lay out the kale on a baking sheet and cook in a 425 degree oven for 15 – 20 minutes. You want the chips to crisp up, but not burn, so keep an eye on them.

Chips have a unique consistency– the melt-in-your-mouth/dissolving situation is unlike any other eating experience I’ve had. They taste wonderfully earthy and simply make you feel good inside and out. Guilt free! So long, potatoes.

Have your own version? Leave a tip in the comments below!

And now…pictures of our beautiful bounty!

When you come to the garden, you’ll see three varieties of kale in rows 2 and 3 (closest to the front).

This is red kale. Red kale, meet the Internet!

Come on dino kale, don’t be shy. People love you for your DELICIOUS super-nutritious uniqueness.

There are even t-shirts praising your worthiness. See?

Bye, curly.



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