…as busy as bees

Paging Lo Pagan, Steve Schwartz and all other Rider University Beekeepers/enthusiasts!

I went a little crazy when I realized I can micro-zoom on my camera. Look at THAT BEE.

It’s been a BUSY two weeks in garden-land. As I’ve mentioned in my emails –if you’re not getting them, please email me at canosej@rider.edu!– we’ve been out and about lately, expanding our horizons and changing up the scenery.

This past Wednesday, September 12th we held our fifteenth garden giveaway of the season. Instead of being located in front of the garden, we came even closer to you, with a sidewalk giveaway in between the campus mall and the SRC. It was a great way to raise awareness about our garden and remind people that our campus consists of more than just dorms, a gym and academic buildings. Go out and explore people! We’re really not located so far away…and this is your campus. We have the most beautiful deer in the woods and even a small creek near Poyda.

This past Thursday (20th September) was another special day in RGA history! Along with our sixteenth garden giveaway, we were lucky enough to grab our first table at Awareness Day. Having a spot at our University’s ‘clubs and organizations fair’ was such a great opportunity to get more students involved in the beauty and deliciousness you all enjoy every week.

A HUGE thank you to my mentor and adviser, Dr. Hyatt, who made -the most delicious kale chips you’ve ever tasted- for Awareness Day. Even the members of French club next door, (who were offering some classic Nutella-on-toast freebies) were stealing some. That’s right…kale won over Nutella. (I have to stop this obsession.)

Now we are hopefully returning to more of a routine giveaway…though keep on the lookout for more special events. We have many tasks to focus on now, preparing for the fall season and beautifying our space. The bees know…there is always work to be done!

You can see his FACE!!



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