Ironically, this is written almost in direct response to my OWN last post.

Everyone I know is in a whirlwind right now, trying their hardest to do/run/write/read/manage/teach to their highest potential. We’ll get there, friends. One step at a time. The fall is a busy time…and sometimes it’s easy to forget that with this season comes beautiful sunsets, change and each morning, another opportunity for us to be/laugh/rejoice, here together, under THAT beautiful sky.

With that in mind…I thought we could ALL use a peaceful series of photos. They might not be the greatest composition ever assembled, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.
Inhale, exhale!

There goes tarragon, trying to steal the spotlight.

Never-mind, coriander edged his way in.


Now I couldn’t NOT add some green in here…

Good luck this week, all!



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