Good night, summer…

Frost came this past week.

We actually held our twentieth garden giveaway this Thursday, which seemed like quite a milestone– it was indeed, considering it was the last one featuring summer harvest!
The frost was not kind to the garden and unfortunately killed all the tomato, eggplant, pepper and okra leaves/stalks, giving the vegetables very little access to the nutrients they need to grow. Never fear however: we already have cold-weather winter plants growing.

I did want to acknowledge however, the joy that the plants have given us, as Jerry Rife perfectly summarized, ‘gracing our diets and table with fresh produce all summer’. Thank you, plants. It was quite sad to see those companions go –we’ve been through a lot together and I’ve truly learned immeasurably lessons from them– but I guess the best lesson of all was seeing that lovely cycle-of-life come full circle.

The garden looks completely different now! Dr. Hyatt came to devote a ton of time (8 am folks, 45 degrees!!) to pulling up all the plants. (Thank you, Dr.  Hyatt!) Four rows are plant-less now, the majority of which I had a chance to till during the giveaway. Fall is truly here…and get excited for some delicious cold-weather produce (more on that later).

For now: There was a baby announcement for the spigot…so of course, I have to say goodbye with my rendition of a childhood tale (and photos, scroll down on the home page). Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers the beautiful story Goodnight Moon…

“In the great garden
there was a shed
And a red wheelbarrow
And pathways all mulched, with rows quite narrow.
And there were three little squirrels eating some beans
And two little bunnies looking on at the scene.
And listening, a little dragonfly and a young mouse.
And a bluebird singing
And the plants, so lush
And a quiet old grasshopper who was whispering, “Hush.”
Good night, peppers, green and red. Good night, garden, soon to bed.
Good night, garden fork and broom.
Good night, spade and warm afternoon.
Good night, eggplant. Good night, ant.
Good night, flowers. Good night, rain showers.
Good night, fern. Good night, sunburn.
Good night, bluejay. Good night, spider’s prey.
Good night, beans. Good night, scene.
Good night, okra. Good night, plants, so lush.
Good night to the old grasshopper whispering, “Hush.”
Good night, tomato. Good night, summer fare.
Good night, summer everywhere.”




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