Hello, fall!

One announcement to make. But first…look!

Carrots have officially sprouted! Quite late in the season to start, it’s true.
I know, I know it’s cold, there is frost coming (or has come, rather) but we have such an excess of seeds– why not use them? Plus, it was quite a game of Tetris, since our summer plants had such a long life we just began planting for fall in early September.

Now, an important note:
All garden-goers…now that we have this beautiful mulch down, please realize these are our new pathways/walkways.

Please walk on the mulch ONLY!

Our carrots have taken quite a beating this fall and unfortunately may not grow, since walking on the bed compacts the soil so much they can’t get to the surface. Please remember that we’ve got seeds in there, even if they look empty!
I’ve put up a few signs as gentle reminders, but please be conscientious when walking around.

Now without further ado, I present to you, our cold-weather friends:


Not pictured: some beautiful strong cabbage leaves!

Check back in for more, soon!



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