Growing in the field…an update!

Who knew it’d be time for mittens already?

The site’s been pretty quiet lately, since we haven’t been outside so much. I hope all those reading are safe and warm after these strange weather happenings. Happily, the garden is still standing (much to my surprise after those winds)– though the kale ‘palm trees’ acquired a quite becoming lean, they’re continuing to grow sideways!

All the things we planted together for fall/winter are coming in strong, although the carrots are still being finicky…hopefully we’ll get them to grow before they freeze. Radishes are beginning to show their beautiful red sprouts only to be overshadowed in the garden by the GIGANTIC leaves forming on the cabbage (that mysteriously also look like collard greens).


Remember this picture? Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure the arugula is coming back. Shh.

Bunnicula (please tell me someone else out there remembers this childhood classic) has officially eaten all the beans, soybean and broccoli sprouts, so unfortunately we won’t be harvesting that this season. Apparently the cayenne pepper ‘repellant’ we concocted was quite tasty…to bunnies and squirrels alike. (Secretly though, be happy that they had a nutritious meal before the winter sets in. The garden is for all to share!)

Speaking of, please feel free to go out and clip any herbs you may need for this season’s festivities.

Of the ones pictured above, we still have a good deal of that beautiful sage (center) and thyme (bottom right).

There we go, now you can see the sage a bit better.

Also available are some oddly fuzzy-looking marjoram bunches (rounder leaves closer to camera) and about 4,000 stalks of tarragon (thinner herb in the back, often used in French cooking). Get fancy in the kitchen this season!



2 thoughts on “Growing in the field…an update!

  1. Bunnicula!! I was saddened just days ago when I realized none of my friends know the book. An all-time favorite around my house. Glad the garden’s still going strong. Wish we had more of the bounty on the Princeton campus…

    • Aaah, I love the name, Horseradish!

      It’s amazing how few people know the story. It’s such a classic…Howard and the cat. Mine too. My mom is a librarian so we’re surrounded by children’s classics. Things are slowing down a bit here with the weather, I’m just hoping that the majority of the vegetables for the cold weather last. Did you guys plant a lot for the winter? Keep checking back in –we’ll hopefully be giving away some of the fall produce soon!

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