A taste of the garden emails…thanks for being part of the family!

Sent 15th November:

Interested in channeling some stress into a productive activity? Come till the earth. Need to finish up those community service hours? Breathe in some good crisp air? Today is your day.

We’ll be in the garden starting at 9 am today, working on a good few projects we need to finish: tilling, weeding, tearing out the basil near science  and completely finishing mulching. Stop by! Plus it’ll be a nice chance to see just how cute the baby radishes are.

We will also be having our twenty-second garden giveaway of the season today, Thursday , November 15th . Most of the things in the ground are still in their early stages, as mentioned in the update last week– however the kale and herbs are still producing! Some of the herbs are actually on their way out, due to the cold, so make sure to stock up for your holiday dishes . Worried you’ll have extra? Freeze it for later.

Please note, the giveaway will be held from 1 0:30 am. – 12:30 pm . We’re ending a little early, so if you can’t make it before 12:30 please feel free to come clip some herbs on your own! You know what to do; if not, just give me a call.

It’ll be a brisk 38 degrees, so bring mittens!

See you then,
Jess Canose

Summer/Fall Garden Manager

Indeed it was 38 degrees…and the mulch was frozen…yet it warmed up nicely after getting some good work done. (More on that in the next coming posts.) Only a few patrons were able to make it, however just from observing you can see how a nice community has developed…people bring friends and coworkers to proudly show off their hard work and take home some beautiful herbs and produce to share with their loved ones this holiday season.

I hope you all had a wonderful day of thanks, Green Acres family. I’m grateful you’re here.


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