Gift Ideas for the Garden Enthusiast

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to…start preparing for next year?

Not so much…but we can never be too early! Bookmark this post for holidays, birthdays, you name it.

Debra Greenberg has been kind enough to share a neat list of gift ideas for garden enthusiasts. Take it away Debra!

  • Ceramic Pots: Last year I received a set of ceramic pots for spices with a pen so I could write on them what they are.  It was a good winter gift because I started an herb garden indoors.   There are many choices of herb garden pots online: I saw a planter composed of ceramic shapes that fit together, and another with a bunch of little pots that sit on a longer tray.
  • Herb Plant/Garden: You could send a rosemary riches tree from FTD (Link) or an herb garden from ProFlowers (Link), for example.
  • Garden-Kit: You can also send a kit for someone who may enjoy putting it together, furnished by Burpee (Link).
  • Garden Apron/Tools/Gloves
  • Strawberry Jam Growing Kit (Link)
  • A gift from the New York Botanical Garden Shopperhaps (Link)? You may want to pick out something for yourself if you browse this site!

Thanks, Debra! You made me think of a few things too:

The next two gifts are not terribly environmentally-friendly, but might be a one-time only foodie idea:

  • Vanilla Beans
  • (Gourmet) Salt: It goes really well with anything and can be a quite special sentiment. From Kosher to coarse to finishing salts, you’ve got a great gift for the foodie…though watch your sodium intake.
  • King Arthur Flour: centralized in Vermont, all this company focuses on is FLOUR. They have multiple beautiful varieties that are worth the reasonable cost. The quality is quite evident in the final product–the sheer uplift in terms of lightness alone!
  • Sun Protective Clothing: I didn’t know clothing like this even existed until Dr. Hyatt mentioned it. Perfect for the serious gardener or outdoorsman, there are a variety of companies from Solumbra and Coolibar to Columbia Sportswear, Omni-Shade found in Dick’s Sporting Goods. Is Sun-Protective Clothing a farce? Check out the New York Time’s opinion.

Look at you, all prepared for next year! Good job.



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