We’re writing a cookbook!

Hi there Green Acres!

We’ve missed you! I hope you all have been enjoying a productive winter and had a wonderful start to the New Year. The garden has been quiet and the soil resting, although a few lone carrots and radishes remain if you want to explore.

awareness day

Indoors we’ve been busy welcoming new community members at Awareness Day, cleaning out space to start flats in the greenhouse and just sent out our seed order this Thursday. We’re excited to try our hand with a few new plants– spaghetti squash, hot HOT peppers, marble onions, green beans, potatoes and fresh cut flowers…not to mention your already-loved favorites.

We also now have two lovely co-managers (Steve and Katie) who are learning the ropes and working on expanding our community in a few exciting directions. We’ll hold a meeting in the near future to introduce our plans for the spring–be on the lookout for an email.

In the meantime, we’re asking the community to send in any recipes, photos or poems you’ve got about our beloved Green Acres! For our senior Sustainability capstone, Westminster Garden Manager Hannah Strong and I are working together—under the advisement of Dr. Hyatt—to create a Green Acres cookbook! I’m so excited.


Paying tribute to the garden and the lessons we’ve learned from it, we want the cookbook to encompass the wide collection of gardening techniques, recipes and memories we’ve created—so they can be shared with past, present and future Green Acres members.  Not to mention it’s a lovely way to commemorate the garden and community you’ve helped create.

So…we need your help! If you have any photos (of produce or meals created), and/or recipes that you are willing to share, please send them over to canosej@rider.edu! We’re working on collating the recipes now and are going to finalize the list in the next few weeks, so please send in what you have as soon as possible.

If you’ve got any nifty title ideas as well, feel free to throw those in…we’ve got lots of ideas simmering on the stove at the moment and would love to add more!



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