The seeds are in, the birds are singing…looks like spring to me!

The birds were chirping today! The sun was out for more than an hour as well. (First time I got to pirouette on the driveway without needing a jacket in a LONG while.) Welcome spring!

To go along with the changeover of seasons, a box from Johnny’s Seeds was delivered just last week to the lovely Dr. Hyatt. Seeds are in! Check out the graphic below to see how everything is organized.


Excel beauty.

As I learned from Lo and her farm-knowledge, it’s best to organize via Families, Product Ids…and I used a slight cheat-sheet on the side to mentally record how many types of veggies we have. We’re trying to make this year our best one yet–especially in terms of record-keeping–using the excel doc. to note reminders of what we’ve seeded and how it turned out.

By the way…those are your three favorite kale varieties you see on there! Toscano for days!

seeds 2!

I also started to seed a few packets from last season: we’re going to be experimenting with some Asian greens this semester while still bringing back a few of our favorites: curly, bibb and summercrisp lettuce, scallions, etc.

In other garden news, Hannah Strong, from our sister garden over at Westminster is now a proud momma– to some beautiful tomato sprouts:

hannah's babies!

More to come soon: keep on the lookout! While you’re waiting, send in any recipes you have for our cookbook–and don’t forget to  ‘spring’ your clocks forward an hour tonight.

Extra light for gardening here we come…



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