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WE DID IT. Seed to Satisfied: A Cookbook from Rider University’s Green Acres has officially been completed! Hannah, Dr. Hyatt and I are overjoyed with the final outcome and excited to share the finished product with the community.

So what does it look like and what the heck is it about?

You can preview the book online at –though please note the text is not at all fuzzy in the printed version (the Preview Mode doesn’t recognize our font)! There you can view a select few pages and detailed version of our mission statement– though here’s our little spiel:

Although Seed to Satisfied is a cookbook, we’re hoping it will serve as an encompassing ‘how-to’ guide for growing your own (from ‘seed’ to ‘satisfied’) with gardening articles and recipes organized by each month’s harvest. We’ve got over 30 recipes for you to experiment with this upcoming year, with a few stories along the way, highlighting our passion for food/gardening and lessons learned in the garden. Select multilingual recipes (¿Quizá un cuenco de Locro— un guiso tradicional de argentina– esta noche? Oder Frish Tomaten mit Basilikum?) showcase authentic cultural dishes, while others invite members of the community into your kitchen with their recipes for quick lunches, weeknight dinners and special occasion meals. From a treasured family recipe for Cashew Chili (courtesy of Jerry Rife) to a summery Watermelon Feta Salad (courtesy of Jan Friedman Krupnick), we’ve got you covered. Plus, everything is just plain delicious.

If you are interested in ordering a copy, please email the information required on the order form below to or

Order Form- Seed to Satisfied

Our goal is to attain 50 orders in order to qualify for a discount from our printer; once we do, we’ll have a better idea of the final price. We’ll notify you once we’ve got 50 total, though the price should not exceed $35.00.

A hearty thank you to the many contributors, who sent in photos and recipes–you made this book what it is! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Jess Canose & Hannah Strong


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