At long last: Seed to Satisfied is here and ready to buy!

At long last: Seed to Satisfied is here!

Hannah, Dr. Hyatt and I are thrilled to announce that 50 beautiful copies have arrived from the sunny state of California! We thank you all for your patience in waiting for the cookbook, a project we have now worked on for a solid year: from writing and photographing to editing and designing. We hope you enjoy the final result, and feel the love woven in. We think it’s a great tribute to our beautiful community and the power it holds, brought together by a singular (most incredible) packet of seeds.

The cookbook is organized by month, giving a simple To-Do list for both garden-chores and kitchen antics. There are articles on select topics (watering, pests) to help you in your gardening quests along with some personal stories of lessons we’ve learned. Dotted along each month are sample recipes you can cook up with that month’s harvest (or preserves). It’s a true community collaboration with over half the recipes being contributions from your coworkers and friends! We’re pretty excited to have bottled that passion up into a 64 page book, ready to sit on our bookshelves. Not to mention, the pages feel like butter. Silky soft.

Have we piqued your interest? Get a sneak preview (a full 26 pages) of the cookbook online at

We have a good few copies not yet spoken for, so if you’re interested in ordering, just send an email to Due to the kindness of our angel investor Dr. Hyatt, we’ve been able to reduce the price to just $25 per cookbook (although donations are always welcomed)!

Again, we thank you all for your support in this project. We hope to see Seed to Satisfied continue to succeed and live on your bookshelves, though simply being a part (and product) of this community is an honor in and of itself.